Review English ‘Living with Parkinson’s disease, a Complete Guide for patients and caregivers’

Once again I was able to review a book by Michael S. Okun. This time his latest book ‘Living with Parkinson’s, A Complete Guide for Patients and Caregivers’, which is expected to appear in the other languages.

Written by Michael S. Okun, MD; Irene A. Malaty, MD and Wissam Deeb, MD

This new book by Michael S. Okun which he co-wrote with Irene A. Malaty and Wissam Deeb is an extremely important guide for Patients and caregivers. Very friendly and clearly written. The book describes from the moment of the correct diagnosis to far in Parkinson’s disease how to cope, what you can expect (Parkinson’s is for us Parkinsonians every other) and how to cope with all facets of the disease. With clear explanations and information of all studies conducted by very leading experts in the past, but certainly also the present done to the chronic progressive disease. But also how you can have a good and nice life with the disease. In short a must have!

The title on the first page is therefore addressed to us Parkinsonians and our families,

‘This book is dedicated to those persons with Parkinson’s disease and their families. Hoping to help you make every day your best day’

The following chapters will be discussed in detail and will give you explanations and how to deal with it, i.e.

‘Pearls for a Better Life: A Complete List’

  1. Getting the diagnosis right
    1. Exercise and rehabilitation therapy
    1. To start or Not Start Medications for Parkinson’s Disease
    1. Medication for Parkinson’s Disease Motor Symptoms
    1. Medications for Non-Motor Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms
    1. Surgical therapies for Parkinson’s disease
    1. Nutrition and the Microbiome
    1. Treatment of Neuropsychiatric Parkinson’s disease Symptoms

Topics: Knowing whether you have Parkinson’s disease, Symptoms, Getting a diagnosis right, Exercise and Rehabilitation Therapy, Medications, Surgical Therapies, Nutrition and the Microbiome, Neuropsychiatric Symptoms and treatment

In all these chapters, you can find exactly what you need to have a better life with Parkinson’s. For Patients and Caregivers.

At the back of the book you have a clear Index that you can easily find the subject you want to understand.

I therefore commend this guide for anyone who has a Parkinson’s disease or are involved with it.

If you don’t want to wait for your own language, by here the English version!!!!

Hans van Geluk

Parkinson’s and road user  (Parkinson(isme) en Verkeersdeelnemer)

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